Services of a commission agent, principal
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Services of a commission agent, principal


  • Support for foreign trade operations, search for foreign partners.
  • On the issues of foreign economic activity by residents (export-import of goods, works, services), including consultations on currency legislation;
  • Determination of the price of imported or exported goods;
  • According to Incoterms 2000, methods of optimization and cost reduction for transport and customs.
  • Analysis of the movement and volume of goods;
  • Calculation of the cost of customs clearance of goods;
  • Obtaining information on the required permits and procedures, indicating regulatory acts, etc.
  • On foreign exchange legislation and issues related to the conduct of foreign economic activities by residents (assessed taking into account the complexity);
  • Consulting individuals (residents and non-residents) on foreign exchange transactions;
  • Sending inquiries to the competent authorities (SBU) on controversial issues of currency legislation;
  • Development of projects and drawing up the final versions of foreign trade contracts;
  • Reference information on issues of customs legislation (rates of customs duties, measures of non-tariff regulation, indicative prices, etc.) and on practical issues of foreign economic activity.

Support for foreign trade operations:

  • Legal support of foreign trade activities;
  • Business correspondence with counterparties in English;
  • Execution of foreign trade documents, drafting, and translation of contracts for the international sale of goods;
  • Representing the client's interests in customs authorities on any issues of customs clearance;
  • Assistance in the certification of goods.

Search for foreign partners.

  • Preparation of a list of foreign companies operating in the field of interest to you;
  • Search for foreign companies interested in cooperation;
  • Conducting preliminary negotiations with a potential partner;
  • Services for organizing business meetings with potential partners.

Our company, when carrying out foreign economic activity, provides the services of a commission agent.
We provide the following range of services:

  • Negotiating and concluding a foreign economic contract.
  • Purchase/sale of currency and the implementation of mutual settlements with foreign counterparties
  • Organization of transportation and cargo insurance.
  • Registration of permits for the import/export of goods and their customs clearance.